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Let's face it, preparing for your new baby can be overwhelming! You make so many choices throughout your pregnancy but have you considered all of the many decisions you will need to make once it is time to birth baby? Or how about planning for what is to come once you get home with baby? In our one-on-one planning sessions, we will go over a variety of topics you may not have considered to help you be fully prepared for your birth and/or 4th trimester. The goal of the birth and postpartum planning sessions are to leave you and your partner feeling more confident and less anxious about birthing and/or life with baby. Sessions take place prenatally and run from 2.5-3 hours. We can meet in-person if you are local to the Kansas City area or we can meet virtually.

Birth Planning Session- $120

In this session we will discuss:

-Your birth plan
-Your birth team                                        

-Visitor policy

-Choosing classes

-Talking to friends and family about your plans and wishes

-Exercise and nutrition basics

-Packing your bag

-Setting up your labor space

-Labor signs and when to go

-The "Golden" Hour
-Nursery/home organization

-Community resources 

-15+ page planning guide designed personally by me 

If you...

Are unsure where to begin in preparing for your birth or postpartum...
Cannot afford a doula...

Have extra support people attending your birth already...

Have extra support people who will be at your home after birth..

Do not want or can't have extra support people with you at birth...

Need someone to help lay the foundation for your birth and you fill in the rest...

Want to feel less anxious and more confident in your birth and what to do once baby comes home...

..then these session are for you!
Postpartum planning session Kansas City

Postpartum Planning Session- $120

In this session we will discuss:
-Infant feeding

-Visitor policy
-Tasks and duties                                       

-Your mental health

-Rest and recovery

-Meal planning / meal train

-Home and nursery organization

-Baby gear

-Sibling plans & activity ideas

-Community resources 

-15+ page planning guide designed personally by me 

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