Meet Kelly

Kelly Lipscomb natural childbirth educator Kansas City

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Training and Certifications

August 2019 Birth Boot Camp - Instructor Certification 

November 2020 Birth Boot Camp - Doula Certification 

I first became interested in pregnancy and birth around 2016 when my husband and I initially began to think about planning for a family in the upcoming year. It started with scrolling through Netflix on a cold winter day, looking for something good to watch when my life would be forever changed. I stumbled across “The Business of Being Born” and was completely shocked at what birthing looked like in our society and what it should be like. I started to think about my own future pregnancies and birth and what I wanted that to look like. I ordered a few books from Amazon on what to expect and how to have a natural, healthy pregnancy.

A few months later, we found ourselves having to face that reality sooner than we expected because sure enough, I was pregnant! There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to fully experience birth-- as a normal, physiological event that God designed us women to do! Throughout my journey, I continuously read, researched, and participated in natural childbirth forums. I surrounded myself with positive birthing stories and affirmations. I was well rehearsed in all of the typical hospital interventions and procedures and had a backup list of more natural alternatives. I was well prepared for anything that could be thrown my way. Though I did face a couple minor obstacles in my pregnancy and had to switch from midwifery care to obstetricians, I never doubted by body or its ability to bring my baby into this world.

With the help of my wonderful birth team that consisted of my doula, husband, and sister, I was able to have an incredible natural hospital birth that left me feeling so empowered. There was no doubt in my mind that at some point in my life I desired to educate women in this field and help them have those same feelings of birthing bliss. In January 2019 I finally took the leap and decided to certify with Birth Boot Camp. I ultimately chose this organization because of the quality of the curriculum as it is evidence-based and is updated to keep up with best practices. They also have an incredible support system for not only their educators and doulas but for the couples who take their classes. Birth Boot Camp's philosophy on birth just meshed so well with my own and I knew it would be a great match. 

It is so often we hear of horror birthing stories from our friends, family, and even from the media but birth does not have to be this way. I’ve heard from several friends that they wish they had just known more about birthing and really, no one is to blame for this. We go in expecting the best care possible from our providers but our births are ultimately our responsibility so we must be well equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions that are best for our babies and ourselves. I am here to offer you the tools and knowledge you need in childbirth education to have an empowering birth!