Even though times are uncertain right now, there is one thing that is certain. Babies are still being born and you still deserve to have an empowering birth experience. If you aren't quite ready for in-person class sessions, that's okay. Check out other options that may be best for you. 

Option 1: Our Hybrid Course

  • Pick any class of your choice 

  • Watch the sessions on our Birth Boot Camp website. These classes are professionally filmed and edited. 

  • Meet weekly via Zoom with me to discuss the session more in-depth and ask any questions you may have

  • The class fee is the same as if you were taking it in-person (see Descriptions tab for fees) You will still get your workbook and if you are local to Kansas City, you will receive a class in a bag! (items that go with your classes, samples, and swag) 

Option Two: Online Only 

  • Take any class of your choice online at our headquarter's website 

  • All classes are 50% off right now!

    Check out our classes online here!