I like to move it, move it!

When you think of women giving birth, do you automatically envision her flat on her back with her feet in stirrups? Did you know that the lithotomy position is generally not recommended and that best practices actually encourages women to be given the freedom to move and choose their own labor, birth, and push positions?

So get on up off that back and get upright! Some of the benefits to being moving and being upright include:

- Bringing baby down and into a more optimal position -The ability for contractions to be stronger and more efficient -A possible decrease in the need for pain medication -A possible decrease in the length of your labor - A more satisfied birth experience

While some care providers may prefer that you give birth on your back, it is important to know that most women can choose labor and birthing positions that are most comfortable to them. Not sure what other positions are possible? No worries! When you are in class, we will go over a variety of labor and push positions, including the pros and cons and we will discuss variations of each position that can include various items that can be found in your home or hospital. If you are birthing in the hospital, there are certain interventions that may limit your freedom to movement and in class we will discuss these interventions and how they can affect your labor and birth. If you are restricted on movement, we discuss alternatives that can still be done in the bed to help provide the benefits listed above. No matter which class you choose, you will be able to practice labor and push positions both in class and at home so that you are ready when the day comes. At Birth Boot Camp, we believe in having a variety of tools in your toolbox so that you can do what feels best for you at the time of your birth.

Birth Boot Camp Kanas City Childbirth Class Labor and Push Positions

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